Bronfenbrenner Ecological Model

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The five systems of Urie Bronferbernner’s ecological model play an important role in human development. It consists of microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem and chronosystem. According to Berk (2000), microsystem is meant by the environment a person is living is link bi-directly to them. This system involves interactions and relationship of an individual with their immediate surroundings such as family, peers, school and neighborhood (Berk, 2000). As for mesosystem, it is a system that has a connection between microsystem which is can also be explain by having a parents and school context (Ryan, 2001). However, Berk (2000) states that exosystem defines a broader area of social system whereby there is no direct contact to the individual…show more content…
The eating culture of Eastern country and Western country is different. My family practices the eating habit like three dishes and one soup for lunch and dinner. As my mother is a housewife, she will usually cooks every meal for the family as she thinks that it is better to eat food that she cooks her own compared to the outside food. However, most of us are also use to eat instant noodles whenever there was no food in the house. This case does also happen in my family. There are times when my mother are not feeling well and is unable to cook. This leads into eating instant noodles and it actually affects my physical development. For instance, whenever I eat instant noodles I have difficulties in digesting those foods. By having digestive problems, it leads me into getting gastric and feeling uncomfortable as I will have hiccups all day long. Besides this, eating unhealthy food actually affects my body image which causes me to get fatter and bad skin complexion. As for cognitive development aspect, the culture I practices and believes influence me a lot. I am from a Buddhist culture and mostly Buddhist tends to believe in cause and effect. For example, this religion teaches me that I should not lie to people, I should not drink and so on. By practicing it, I am less likely to lie to my parents and I have a more positive thinking such as I should not commit suicide and I should love my life as much as I can. This is mainly because that Buddhist believes that if one who ends their life easily will go down to hell. This leads to moral reasoning as what I practice told me that it is a wrong act to kill people or abusing pets which is too against the law in our country and I knew that it is wrong and I might get imprisoned if I am going against the
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