The Five Teenagers In Surviving Antarctica

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We all have an opinion on things we treasure or like. Some of us can like snowboarding or fishing. We can treasure objects that are parents once gave us and now aren't with us. Each person has a person that they value. Those people we value can be considered an MVP. MVP stands for most valuable person. An MVP is a person who does not consider themselves before others. They consider others first. They are people who do things that they don't always get credit for and should. They help out in anyway they could, Like my uncle Patrick Johnston. He would do anything for anyone. He is the MVP of my life. In the book Surviving Antarctica There are five teenagers on a journey to south pole, and risk their lives conquering challenges thrown in their…show more content…
In chapter 17 Andrew and the others noticed that the land had been broken up into chunks, and the Milkey and Cookie were drifting away slowly on an ice flow. Andrew felt bad for not tying them up where he was suppose to tie them up, and decided to go an get them. Andrew had to rescue the ponies, he didn't want them to drift off or to be shot(197). This moment was the first moment were they noticed that Andrew was a selfless heroic person, and that he had more to him than being a couch potato. They knew that they couldn't afford to lose the ponies and Andrew made sure of that. Andrew knew that he could get seriously injured saving the ponies, but that didn't stop him from tackling and conquering the challenge. Andrew trying to save Milkey and Cookie is one reason why Andrew should be MVP. Some may say Andrew shouldn’t be MVP. In the beginning Andrew was what we would call a couch potato. He was really lazy and always was looking for a T.V to watch(83). Although he was lazy and more of an outcast, Andrew eventually realized this was no child's game. That it wasn’t going to be as easy as he once thought. In these couple first chapters, Andrew seems lazy and like he’s an outcast, but he proves he’s much more when he saves the ponies and saves Robert. That’s proof Andrew deserves to

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