The Five Themes Of Geography

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Have you ever heard of the five themes of geography? In today’s day and age, humanity tends to focus on their day to day tasks, without truly taking the time to learn about how the world around them is truly affected. The five themes of geography are the aspects of the world around us that define geography as a whole. These themes are location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region. The first theme, location, refers to where you are. The theme of location can be divided into two categories: absolute location and relative location. Absolute location is a latitude and longitude or street address or a location. Relative location is a location described by landmarks, time, directions, or distance from a different location. The second theme, place, is what defines a location. This theme, much like location, can be divided into two subcategories: human characteristics and physical characteristics. Human characteristics include the main languages, customs, beliefs, and people that live, work, and visit a place that define it. Physical characteristics include landforms, such as mountains and rivers, climate, vegetation, wildlife, and soil, all of which contribute to the characteristics of a place. The theme of human-environment interaction is how humans and the environment affect each other. This relationship between the environment and humans can be described as our dependence on it, our modifications to it, and how we adapt to it.
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