The Five Themes Of The Geography Of France

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Geography has many different parts but they all can be defined in the 5 themes of geography. The themes are location, place, human environment interaction, regions, and movement.
The country of France is the second largest country in Europe. France is south of the U.K., southwest of Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, west of Switzerland and Italy, north of Spain and northeast of Portugal. The relative location is in Western Europe. This beautiful country is located in the northern as well as the eastern and western hemispheres. The country’s capital is Paris, France which is a very famous and beautiful city. The absolute location of the capital city is 48° 51 ' N, 2° 21 ' E. The country borders Andorra, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany,
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By physical, economic, cultural, and political regions! The physical regions are real regions on land based on the landforms and other characteristics. There are 22 regions in metropolitan France. Many of today’s regions are based upon the regions in pre-revolutionary France. Each region has its own council who are elected by universal suffrage. There are also five major rivers, the Seine, the Loire, the Garonne, the Rhone, and the Rhin. The longest river in France is the Loire. The country has mountains on the southwest border and the east, and also has some forests. The economic region is Paris. It is the leading economic region and one of the top markets in Europe. In the rest of France, agriculture from livestock and crops play a huge role in their economy. The livestock are cattle, hogs, poultry and sheep and the crops are wheat, sugar beets corn barley, and potatoes. France has the largest real estate in Europe and the second largest airport hub. The social classes are, some are very rich, some are very poor, but most of them fall in between. The next region is cultural region. Culture is very very important to the French. One of the most important aspects to culture is the food. When the French cook they make sure everything is correct and precise. They also make sure to use the best and freshest ingredients to make sure the food is spectacular. Another important factor is music. It is important because of the meaning and how it makes them feel. They feel like it is away to communicate with each other and express the way they will for one another. It also provides a happy celebration for the times when they have gatherings. Another cultural aspect is art. France is very famous for the amazing art they have, not just paintings, but also in film, fashion or theatre! France is covered in impressive monuments and architectures by amazing French artists in history. Theatre and film in France are also
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