Essay On Flag Protest

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Steven Sternberg
Mrs. Burns
English 1 CP
1 March, 2018

The Flag Protest “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color” (Kaepernick, Colin). The flag protest has been a protest existing for a long time but, recently sparked lots of controversy. Although kneeling during the national anthem may seem disrespectful are often seen as a disrespect to the flag and troops, a inefficient way to promote a cause, and anger many people in shows division in the country, it can show that the ideals of freedom is justified, it generates conversation and awareness about topic, and is a legal form of peaceful protest. To begin with kneeling during the national anthem may seem
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“During a medal ceremony at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, two African-American track athletes made what would become one of the most famous political protests” (Araki, Zachary). These protest show that the legal system is unfair to African American citizens. The only way to stop these is to protest what is wrong in America and how it can be fixed. Kneeling during the national anthem is just another way to protest that the justice system is wrong. Not only does it show the wrongs but it raises awareness about the topic. The flag protest generates conversation and awareness about topic. "In a situation like that, people are seeing it. We can report it”(“If there’s protest, NBC…”). This shows that if NFL players are doing controversial things that news outlets will report it. This causes awareness to why they’re kneeling during the national anthem. These news outlets give NFL players a voice and a way to speak their mind. When famous people are given largely viewed outlets they are able to spread awareness. Going on the NFL players aren’t only spreading awareness but they’re also doing it
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