James Bradley's The Flags Of Our Fathers

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The Flags of Our Fathers

In the book I read for my independent reading, the Flags of our Fathers, is written by a man of the name James Bradley. Bradley uses what is a very respectful and informative tone in this book. He achieves this tone by talking about a factual event in our history when the United States launched a full on assault on the day known as D-day. Bradley uses language, content, imagery, allusions, and attitude to get across the information he’s giving the reader as well as respect for the men whose story he is telling. I believe that the main way Bradley shows respect in this book is through his use of detail and language. For instance when Bradley writes about Louie’s death he describes it as so, “Then a bullet got him
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Well that answer lies within Bradleys tone and how this piece isn 't about the battle but informing the reader what happened and giving those who fought the proper respect. A great quote from page 343 is, “Your teacher said something about heroes... I want you to always remember something. The heroes of Iwo Jima are the guys who didn 't come back. This quote shows the respect the men who came back had for those who died and the respect the author has for them. The importance of this book revolves around the picture taken of the raising of the American flag on D-day. In the book Bradley quotes Ira Hayes who stated, “It’s funny what a picture can do.” and Bradley uses this as an intro into what this picture really did. Bradley is trying to inform the reader with allusions to how much money this one picture brought into the Seventh Bond Tour. He references that this total of 14 billion dollars was more than any of the other 7 bond drives and more than the expenditures in prewar 194l. Bradley even gives in detail how this amount of money with the population at that time would equal about 100 dollars per person in the US. The point Bradley is making with this is how important the victory at D-day was and how a simple picture taken could help change the war. If it had not been

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