The Flags Of Our Fathers Analysis

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The Flags of Our Fathers

In the book I read for my independent reading, the Flags of our Fathers, is written by a man of the name James Bradley. Bradley uses what is a very respectful and informative tone in this book. He achieves this tone by talking about a factual event in our history when the United States launched a full on assault on the day known as D-day. Bradley uses language, content, imagery, allusions, and attitude to get across the information he’s giving the reader as well as respect for the men whose story he is telling. I believe that the main way Bradley shows respect in this book is through his use of detail and language. For instance when Bradley writes about Louie’s death he describes it as so, “Then a bullet got him right in the heart. He fell and turned yellow with death. Louie my best friend. My link with home.”, page 281. This small description is actually huge for the readers who don’t understand what war is like and it gives respect to those who died by not softening it for the reader but telling the story how it really was. Bradley expresses great detail about D-day in the time the soldiers spent on the small boats right before the doors opened and what it looked like after those doors opened. This books wording on page 243 is something to captivate the reader, is described some death in these ways, “I realized that Chick had been cut in two. The lower half was gone.” and “I ducked and something dropped on my back and rolled off. It felt like a

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