The Flight From Conversation By Sherry Turkle

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Sherry Turkle Analysis In the text, “The Flight from Conversation” by Sherry Turkle, she talks about how forms of communication is considerably different in older generations of people compared to how it is done now with all the different smart devices available. Turkle states that these new technologies can change how people behave and one of these changes is the idea of communication. She goes more into the idea that people in the current generation are leaning towards the idea of using text, social networks, and email over face-to-face conversations as a means to communicate which develops different habits. She then proceeds to give different examples during her research of how these habits can change a person’s behavior on how they communicate. Turkle believes that these certain habits will lead to the idea that people go to artificial intelligence or screens on their technological devices to find comfort from being alone. Analyzing a Text As the use of smartphones and tablets for communication grew, Turkle realizes that it is not the same as what it was in the past. Many of these apparent changes are spotted during Turkle’s studies such as the colleague board meeting example where they only pay attention to specific parts which is negative in a way that it promotes isolation (as cited in Greene, 2016, p. 49). Because of this, Turkle is motivated to give more knowledge to the people that texting and social networking has a good and bad side to it. Another instance of

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