The Floatacians In Homer's Odyssey

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The Floatacians 1. After escaping Polyphemus, Odysseus and his men looked for food. They were tired, starving, thirsty, and desperate for an island. While sailing through the foggy ocean, Odysseus saw something in the distance. They saw a huge island in the distance. The crew had tears 5. of joy when they saw the island. Odysseus led his men to the shore where they found fruit hanging on a tree. The men ate and drank for a while, celebrating that they found this amazing island. The island was a thick, dark, and foggy jungle. The sky above was filled with huge storm clouds. The creepy island gave Odysseus a very 10. bad feeling about staying overnight. He told his men to gather as much food as possible and then to leave the island.…show more content…
Voodoobrute is the last of its species of creatures that depict themselves as islands and lure in incoming ships. Odysseus looks around and realizes he is in Floatacia, a realm of floating islands and intimidating Creatures known as the Floatacians. Odysseus orders his men to evacuate the island of Voodoobrute and run to another nearby island of Floatacia. As they run, 3 men are taken into the ground feeding the immensely powered Voodoobrute. As Odysseus’ crew sprints they see the floatacians; banshee like creatures flying overhead. Odysseus and his remaining seven men had never run faster in their lives. As Odysseus and his men approached voodoobrute’s edge, They realized they either had to jump or die two more men were lost in the desperate leap for the next floating island. Their screams would haunt Odysseus and his men for years to come. The crew did not realize that on this other Island, the crew was surrounded by a hovering group of these banshee-like creatures known as floatacians. The island along with all of the other surrounding islands began bobbing up and down, as if they were bobbers on a fishing
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