The Flowers By Alice Walker Analysis

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The story “The flowere” by Alice Walker is about a young girl named Mayop who sudden fall from innocence. Myop is happy and carefree as she skips around her family playing with the animals. She does not look beyond her free comfortable childhood. She decides to explore the woods as she had done many times with her mother in late autumn while gathering nuts. The setting of the story is in natural, outdoor surroundings, where most of the event occur.

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature” by Gerard De Nerval. In the story “The flowers” flowers play a major role in the development and symbolism of the story. Flowers symbolized Myop 's innocence. Surprise is the element that Alice Walker illustrates in her story. The theme of surprise is driven forward by imagery and setting. At the very beginning of the story, Walker uses diction to show Myop childhood innocence. Walker describe her
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“Ignorance is learned; innocence is forgotten” by José Bergamín, As the story continue Myop resemble the theme of innocence again “stepping smack into his eyes” Myop encounters death, but she was unafraid as she “frees herself”(line line 25) Myop a ten year old girl was filled with innocence, curiosity. “Myop gaze around with interest”(line 31) she had no idea about what had happen but she was curious to know more about the scenery. As Myop picks her wild pink rose which is a symbol of beauty, she spots the noose and has her epiphany, she saw how the person lying in front of her had his death. Myop lost her innocence on the spot, “she places her bundles of flowers in front of the dead body as if she was at a funeral”. Myop placing her flowers to the ground meaning that she was giving her childhood and entered to a world of hate and sins. Myop went from a state of innocence to a point of realization. For Myop the “summer was over” Myop found herself not any more as an innocent child, she can no longer return to the world of flowers or sun lit skipping. Myop innocences
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