The Fog Horn Ray Bradbury Analysis

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“The Fog Horn”

“The Fog Horn” written by Ray Bradbury was a rather interesting short story. It was centered around the idea of an old monster losing hope in finding his species or family once again. This story was very pleasant to read because Bradbury kept the reader, whom was myself, interested and engaged in the story. I found this particular story very interesting and engaging because it had such a mystical, and dark tone to it. I feel as though these two tones put together well is how Bradbury successfully draws the interest of his audience. It’s as if he keeps the reader finding themselves wanting to go further into the story, trying to find out what is happening, and what the outcome might be.

The way in which Bradbury chose to build up the
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I was not really a fan of this story, it was too predictable, and not mysterious or adventurous as was “The Fog Horn”. I do believe that I may of enjoyed this short story more if I chose to read it first. This story gives off a hopeful feeling, with a sad turned happy tone in my opinion.

The father in the story seems to be really conservative when it comes to spending his money. It is shown when the father exclaims to his son, “Why can’t you dig them [old shoes] out of the closet” (Bradbury 333). After the father said that, it made me think that the story was set back in a time where money didn’t come along as easily as it does now. After making that assumption, the whole story seemed to take a shift in my mind. I then thought of it as an old blank and white movie that a person would watch. By the father saying this, it made me think of how the value and availability of money has also changed over time. We have more money, and for example fifty cents does not seem like a lot of money to younger generations, as it would to older
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