Summary Of The Film 'The Fog Of War'

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Robert McNamara in the film The Fog of War proposed eleven lessons he learned in his life focusing around theories of strategy used in management. McNamara identified there are limits to these lessons and found the importance of ethics to these decisions. Although he admits fault in some of his actions during the Vietnam War, he addresses the issue that even a business strategist needs to recognize the boundaries of logic from indefinite elements, and not so much the unpredictability of human nature. Bottom line up front, The Fog of War provided me a sentimental look into the mind of arguably one of the most memorable Secretary of Defense so far and how individuals with different personalities alter the course of action of U.S. foreign policy.…show more content…
Empathy means you are able to apply the perceptions of someone’s feelings and how that affects their needs. An empathetic leader is aware of these feelings and how they impact the other person’s consciousness. Managers that are empathetic leaders are good listeners abiding by the rule of spending more time listening than talking, are nonjudgmental with feelings of right or wrong with direct confrontation with their own feelings, and lastly emotionally intelligent by analyzing those feelings at a personal level. To be an effective leader in a management position, one needs the critical component of empathy because it creates trust. For example, if your employees don’t trust you, they simply see you as a manager and not a leader. Employees will trust that you will take into consideration their feelings even if you don’t meet eye to eye with them. Having this understanding of empathy empowers your employees the ability to succeed, thus building and enhancing relationships which in the long run improves production and efficiency.
In conclusion, I thought The Fog of War and The Evolution of Modern Management on Robert McNamara where excellent sources to understand the limits of information and the irrational behavior of humans. It really goes to show that people in these powerful positions are humans too and the decisions they make are reflected by the prejudices from which all humans

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