The Folsom Prison Blues Song Analysis

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“The Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash explains how Hester felt as she sat in the prison cell awaiting her punishment with infant, Pearl. The song talks about an inmate who is describing everything good about the free world. Johnny Cash sings, “and I ain’t seen the sunshine, since I don’t know when.” This is similar to The Scarlet Letter because Hester is never portrayed as being in the sunlight just like Johnny Cash describes. He talks about what is happening in the outside world and how, if he had the choice, he would move as far away from the prison as possible. This is how Hester feels; she is a confident and beautiful woman, but that doesn’t keep her from feeling some shame.
Folsom Prison Blues- Johnny Cash
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This is like how Hester is trying to convince everyone at the governor’s mansion that she had the skills to raise Pearl. The song also talks about how the girl is tempted to be with a man even if it is against what the majority says is right. Hester loves Dimmesdale enough to have a kid with him even when she is married. Society did not accept this idea in the seventeenth century, and Hester was seen as a criminal in this Puritan society.
Already Gone-Sugarland

“Hurt” by Jonny Cash describes how Dimmesdale feels as he is being tortured mentally by Chillingworth. Dimmesdale whips himself and holds vigils to make up for his sins. He is physically and mentally deteriorating the longer he is with Chillingworth. He is suffering in every possible way. The first line of the song is, “I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel.” Dimmesdale is hurting himself just because he thinks it will make up for his sin. The song talks about true pain that a person experiences throughout life. The song talks about a “crown of thorns” which relates to his shame and whatever mark is on his
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