The Food And Drug Administration (FDA)

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In 1906 the first law on Foods and Drugs was passed, a law that protected the consumers from the illicit spread of uncertified drugs on the territory of the country and falsified products, drinks and medicines. In the same year began counting its history, the most famous in the world state structure - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA ensures food safety, by analyzing food samples for the presence of a variety of hazardous substances, such as pesticides, radionuclide, and chemical additives. In addition, the FDA monitors the accuracy of the information contained on the labels of food products. Also, FDA controls the safety and efficacy of medicines and medical equipment. FDA inspects the work of blood banks, as well as the degree…show more content…
Today one of the main criteria for assessing the performance of any medical institution is its accreditation. The level of accreditation of medical institutions - is a direct indicator of the level of services provided to patients. Today the accreditation can be defined as the organization of peer review used to assess the level of functioning with respect to the established standards and determine the path of continuous improvement of service quality. The creation of Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals in 1951 allowed estimating the dynamics in key performance indicators of medical institutions: the quality of medical care to the personnel management system. The aim of JCAH is not only a quality assessment in itself but also finding the ways to improve medical quality. Specific standards that were first used in the US to control the sanitary condition and the conditions of patients in the hospitals, later on, were formed in the accreditation procedure. Today Joint Commission is the largest and most authoritative accreditation organization, not only in the US but also around the…show more content…
Even more important is the fact that the reports of the Institute of Medicine have a huge impact on how to evaluate the outcomes of health care the workers themselves. In 1999, the Institute of Medicine published a landmark report, " To Err is Human : creating a safe health care system." The outcome of the report is the statement about the necessity of measures to create safer health system. Since that time, the safety of patients - a problem that primarily was not clearly understood and rarely been the subject of discussion – began to strongly attract the attention of the government. Moreover, thanks to the publications of IOM the attention to patient safety has been drawn to the general public. The researchers also point out that the positive impact of the Institute of Medicine lies, obviously, at least in two aspects: awareness of the problem to prevent medical errors, attracting the support of stakeholders and changes in practice. The consequence of this was the creation of the Agency of Healthcare and
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