Empire Island: A Short Story

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“ Aaron, it's been half a day and our ships are standing still, I will command the guards to take their places in the paddling room, then we can move without the need for the wind or the stream” Lord Swann said. “ We have to resume our spot, until the stream build up its force again” the King answered, after he gestured with his eyes the disapproval of Swann’s suggestion. “ Aaron, no man ever sailed to the Forbidden Land before and came back alive. It’s never been drawn on the map of the seven Kingdoms. What we know about it will be mythical if it is faced with the facts” Lord Swann said. “ My father sailed to it, and so far, I can see no variations between his description and the route we took. It’s exactly the same.”…show more content…
The ships were standing still. The guards came back from their quest. They went as close as they could go near the water stream, there were no ships in the whole sea, not even a piece of wreckage to prove that the other ships have been cracked by the rocks or chartered by the confused water streaming.
King Aaron summoned Lord Torrance the council's hand and allotted him with a speech in the Royal suite.
“ What do you know about the Forbidden Land, Lord Torrance ?” The King asked.
“ The knowledge is wide about the Forbidden Land, Your Grace, but the facts are few, from my humble knowledge. People would not talk about something doesn't exist. They might exaggerate about it, but it will remain a reality, like evil or demons. Nobody saw them, but we can trace their acts. In particular, I believe in the existences of the Forbidden Land, but I deny all the other myths about it, until I see with my own eyes, and judge by my own heart” Lord Torrance said. “ The myths are what I am concerned about, I want you to tell me whatever you have read or heard about it, no matter, either it's a fake or a fact. I wish to hear them all” the King
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He is thirty-five years old. He has a fair skin color, a tall man, well-built and good-looking. Because of his big ears, he was named as Elvingaurd. From a common family, made his way to Castle Sophia depending only on his persistence and hard work, a smart man with rare qualities, very convincing and a negotiator from the first class. He is one of the main reasons behind the strong economy of the descendant Kingdom. He knew how to tailor the profitable trades with the rest of the seven Kingdoms, resulting in an economy of abundance, comfortable enough to guarantee the generous supply of

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