The Forgotten Patriots Summary

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The American revolutionary war is marked as one of the historical victories to the American. Because of this victory, the Americans gained their independence from the British. It was a war for the sake of freedom and that is why the American found this cause worth dying and fighting for. Yet, many fighters died as victims of the war and others were taken as prisoners in the New York prison ships and the sugar houses in Manhattan. Edwin G.burrows, the author of The Forgotten Patriots: The Untold Story of American Prisoners During the Revolutionary War, examines the horrifying treatment of the American prisoners by the British during the war of independence. This book gives an insight of what happened behind the walls of the British prisons by accumulating a large number of articles, biographies, and war memos to give the reader a better understanding of the forgotten patriots.
The American revolutionary war occurred on 1778 between the British and American. The first attack took place in Middlesex County near Boston, and after that, the war preceded for five years. In 1783, the American won the war and accomplished their goals of achieving liberty and independence. It is estimated that thousands of Americans have died on the field. Yet, it is evident that there is a considerable number
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The author researched the hidden details of the sacrifice and pain that the American prisoners had been through. The bravery that the American people utilized to face the cruel British enemy was demonstrated in the book. Edwin G.burrows relied on credible and descriptive resources to deliver a better message to the readers. The book is inspirable and it used different methods to trigger the attention of the reader. Altogether, I enjoyed reading this book and I am looking to read more publications from the same
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