The Forgotten Victim Analysis

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If you were a victim during a riot occurring would you want to give revenge? Would you have done something about it? Honestly, revenge is not a good thing to do, it will only provoke worse things on occurring in the way. But also revenge is not a bad thing to do because that person wants justice into what had happened, they want equality; therefore there is no right or wrong answer. The ideas in the reading “The forgotten victim from Florence and Normandie” by Steve Lopez are agreeable. There are many different ways to solve a situation when someone is just a victim in the scenario. The best thing to do when someone is a victim of any type of incident is to just continue living life and on being grateful they are still alive. To begin,…show more content…
For example, the fact that Lopez never gave up on looking for one of the many victims during the riot. In this practical occasion Lopez really wanted to find Fidel Lopez and so he did all it took him to find him, no matter how many years have passed from the incident. In "The Forgotten Victim of Florence and Normandie," Lopez mentions “When I knocked on a door in Torrance on Tuesday afternoon, I had just about given up on finding Fidel Lopez.” This quote is really meaningful because never did Lopez gave up on finding the victim Fidel, not everyone in this world are savages some have a heart and care for others and the society. In "The Forgotten Victim of Florence and Normandie," Lopez mentions “"Please come in," he said, smiling, as if he 'd been waiting a long time for a visit.” This phrase is so meaningful and touching for the fact that Fidel was so nice about Lopez visiting him that he got recognized for being one of the victims during the riot and how Lopez thinks Fidel has been waiting for a long time for a…show more content…
He did a great job on only wanting to provide for his family and to continue living as the day goes by. If he would have to ask for revenge things would have gone way more out of control and perhaps maybe Fidel would have not been alive nor his family. An example is someone was a victim in a shooting he survived, but he did not want it to end there, so he asks for revenge. The victim and his brother went out for the suspects they found them, but they did not make it alive. So this is why Fidel enthusiasm and decision and leaving it there not wanting to do anything with the criminals was a great choice. Overall, the ideas in the article “The forgotten victim from Florence and Normandie” are agreeable and correctly handled in the situation. Many Ideas in the article were very meaningful. Lopez article was very good, glad that he mentions Fidel’s Lopez case. Not Everyone would have handled the same way Fidel did in such nonviolent way. Hopefully, people who have read the article and are ever in a position like Fidel Lopez they should handle it the same without
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