The Foster Care System: A Case Study

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A significant amount of children in today’s society belonging to the foster care system will never gain the knowledge of their full potential. This system can provide a better life for some children or be abusive and dangerous for others. Ashley Rhodes grew up in a child care system where she acquired a difficult childhood and a failing mother, however, she gained her success today while in the system.
Being taken away from your biological family and placed the foster system is unfortunate for any child to say the least. There are, however, on occasion, positive aspects that arise from such circumstances. In Ashley's case, she found parents that loved her unconditionally and were able to provide a better life and experiences for her than she
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Ashley was conceived when Lorraine was seventeen years old and had an unpleasant home life. Ashley's first home was the typical home for drinking, smoking, and drugs for her mom and step-dad Dusty. Due to Lorraine’s drawbacks, she lost custody of Ashley and Luke, Ashely’s younger brother, when she and Dusty were arrested. Lorraine promised to obtain custody of Ashley once again, and she showed Ashley she was committed to that promise by periodically visiting her whenever Ashley was placed in a foster home. However, she continuously failed to show that she could keep a job or stay off drugs, therefore, her rights to Ashley were revoked.
Ashley’s upbringing was by no means easy, but a challenge she encountered and surpassed. She learned to be determined and to pursue her goals; which led to her achievements today. Mary Miller was always the one there for her as she retrieved Ashley from abusive homes and showed Ashley she cared for her well-being. The foster care system can be a life changer for some children who enter due to family who is not adequate to take care of them. Ashley proves to everyone that anyone can be a success from any circumstances a person can be placed in good or
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