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Summary of the Storyline and Context:

The Founder is a movie based on a true story. The main characters are Ray Kroc, Maurice McDonald and Richard McDonald. The movie is seen to have a rise in success by creating a fall in others success. The movie is about a salesman, Ray Kroc, who is currently struggling to sell his milkshake machines. He was not able to make money and he did not see his wife very often. One day he got a large order of 8 machines for a company in San Bernardino called McDonald’s. Ray was surprised at such a large amount so he decided to drive from his home town of Oak Park, Illinois to San Bernardino. Ray arrives at McDonald’s and he is amazed to see a highly popular walk-up restaurant with fast service, high-quality food
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He meets with the two founding brothers of McDonald’s, Maurice (Mac) McDonald and Richard (Dick) McDonald. The brothers have been operating the company since the 1950’s in San Bernardino, South California. They had a lot of issues turning the normal drive-in restaurant to a walk-in restaurant. Ray saw franchise potential once he saw their speedy system up close during the tour that the brothers gladly offered. The brothers explained that they had tried franchises before in three companies and they never seemed too worked because of quality control. Ray Kroc still insisted that he could help solve that problem and after a lot of negotiation and a contract made to still keep the brothers in charge they were in partnership to grow McDonalds. The central point of the film is the charge of power, Ray Kroc stole the company from the founding brothers by using ways that would not break their original contract like making a new company called McDonalds Real Estate. These types of decisions left the brothers not owning McDonalds and having to change their company’s name while Ray Kroc turned the business into a multi-billion-dollar empire. The film shows the ruthless ways that people use to be a successful businessman, this can be seen by the…show more content…
2. We see how Richard McDonald is the leader. He is an autocratic leader as he seldom asks for input from the employees, this is seen when he is creating the work station for the employees he only works with Maurice and doesn’t ask the employees. He is also seen as the leader of the food system, he guides the employees on how to speed up on the service by following the routine properly and also manages their performance so that their goal of serving food fast is achieved. 3. McDonalds Real Estate is an example of entrepreneurship; Ray Kroc decides to create a business which allows him to make money and still not break the contract. This is an example of an ultrapreneur as he has a highly qualified/skilled staff force of Harry J Sonneborn and Fred Turner, who he saw was a very qualified man who didn’t deserve to flip burgers. He can also be seen as an ultrapreneuer because he would sell shares of the company to make a profit. 4. Rollie Smith is an entrepreneur, he owns one of the best restaurants in the town of Oak

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