The Founding Father

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The founding fathers idea for a great government was to distribute powers into branches that can also be balance and check by each other, which will also help them make the best decisions for their people. About two years ago, Obama put into place an executive action which protected about four million illegal immigrants from deportation. Since we were not able to deport all eleven million immigrants the Obama administration chose to help those that deserved to be here. They decided that the people that fell into that category were living in United States for several years, had not committed crimes and who have families here to take care of. It didn’t give anyone official legal status nor put them on the path to citizenship, because only congress can do that.…show more content…
Now the Supreme Court is deciding whether or not it will allow millions of undocumented immigrants to apply for programs that make them eligible for work authorization and benefits through the programs by the President. The President can make executive actions that effect the regulations of the governments issues, when he sees that congress is not taking action and that is what Obama did. The founding father made it difficult to create laws, they know if a person or group of people is given too much power then the government could be more easily manipulated so why do they want to over step an executive order, it that is why it was created
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