Characters In Shakespeare's Othello

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There are four characters in the manga version of Othello that are particularly interesting to look at: First, the main character Othello himself, his wife Desdemona, his right-hand man Cassio and finally the malevolent mastermind behind the chaos, Iago. For the visual analysis, I shall also focus on pages 3-11 of the manga, since they are an exposition of the characters and color. Othello Othello in the original play is a righteous man that has earned himself a high reputation by hard work, even though he has a disadvantage due to his race. He seeks to be virtuous and appears to be calm, collected and fearless. He is loyal to his wife and confident about his own capacity to carry out instructions given by the Venetian court. His life is strongly…show more content…
The most interesting part is probably Othello´s character design. The first thing that can be seen is that Othello is equipped with a big pair of white wings, similar to those of the classical interpretation of an angel. These represent his state of mind and the degree of his corruption, as they, slowly but steadily, turn black throughout the course of the play, starting to change colour as Iago first drops hints that Desdemona could be cheating on Othello with the Lieutenant Cassio and the feathers turning dark one after another as Othello succumbs to insanity and…show more content…
As a dutiful and selfless young woman, she is hopelessly devoted to her husband Othello and commits herself to him entirely, going even as far as to letting him kill her to prove her innocence. She proves to be a bold, direct and brave character when she opposes her own father Brabantio in front of the Venetian court to defend her husband, whom she had married without her father´s consent. In the SelfMadeHero Othello version from the Manga Shakespeare series, Desdemona has long, blonde hair and fair skin, often adorned with rosy cheeks. Her soft eyebrows and naturally thin lips make her appear somewhat juvenile, however not childish, since her eyes are rather small. She appears to have circular marks on her face, similar to those Othello possesses. The only other character that bears these is Brabantio, her father. The colour palette used for her design consists of white, cold grey shades, green and gold. She is dressed entirely in white and grey, the white emphasizing her connection to Othello and hinting at her purity. Grey is considered a serious and bland colour, which was historically associated with modesty in the renaissance and baroque but continued to become a fashion statement for nobility during the seventeenth century because it went well with the black and white wardrobe that was popular among Italy´s, Spain´s and France´s upper class. As such, it proceeded to become a symbol for
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