The Four Core Four Analysis

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CORE FOUR is a character driven drama driven by strong themes of bonding, friendship, reconnecting, and growing up.
The story centers on the friendship between four boys, known as the “core four.” The tone is dramatic with great humor and wit. There’s an old-fashioned sense of style to the storytelling.
Visual storytelling is well crafted from the photos at the family home to the tree house all conveying information about the characters and plot.
The structure begins in present day introducing the protagonist Danny as an adult. He appears to either be a cop (like his father) or in the military. It’s not clear. He also appears to be returning home for a “service” and he reminisces about his childhood, told in a flashback and narrated with
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Make sure there’s a payoff to the secret compartment later in the script.
The idea that Danny’s father is dying also feels like a smart story reveal, as it adds personal tension. The scene in which the father says he wants to die at home is emotionally profound and heartbreaking. The idea that he’s making a recording for his kids, is poignant and one anticipates this providing a strong emotional reaction in Danny, as well as with the audience when he eventually watches his father’s footage.
There’s also a lovely blend of humor and wit in the storytelling from the playboy magazine, in which he can’t come to place the magazine in the front of his pants, but tucks it away in the back. It’s charmingly delightful. The idea that he fantasizes about the girl of his dreams, cleverly brings out Danny’s insecurities.
Danny is definitely a character the audience immediately cares about. As an adult, he seems a bit sad and pensive, as a child he seems carefree, innocent, a bit insecure and vulnerable, but he’s also a good friend. He loves his family and it’s refreshing to see a kid with a good
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