Importance Of Volunteering In China

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Volunteering in China
The types of volunteering vary from country to country. It should be attributed to different cultures, policies, religions and so on. The concept of volunteering always refers to significant, service and selfless in the general perspective. But in fact, there is not a standardized definition of what volunteering is. According to Handy, we can conclude four core elements of volunteering. They are: free will, availability of rewards, formal organization and proximity to the beneficiaries. As a noble and precious spirit, volunteering encourages people to pursue the common welfare for all humanity, and fulfill their own values which are superior to personal interests. China, as a developing nation with more compassionate, civilized, capable citizens, should promote volunteering not just among students, but the entire population.
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Students, as the rising sun of China, take up the majority of the volunteers, especially undergraduates. A report conducted by Shanghai Education News shows that there are more than 54 constitutions of volunteering while volunteers account for more that 80% of the total students just in Fudan University. They are both dedicators and gainers at the same time. Some volunteers develop their teaching skill as tutors, meanwhile, some obtain Red Cross certifications by serving healthcare organization. AmeriCorps reported that nearly 90% volunteers gained useful skills and career enhancements. It is widely believed that students volunteering is “increasingly endorsed as a panacea for a broad spectrum of social problems and issues (Holdsworth)” . Also, research studies indicate that a lot of people do in fact trust that helping others is a good way to gain fulfillment . Volunteering can provide a sense of needed, and create greater life satisfaction, also better physical heath. Positive attitude and pleasant relationship always reduce
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