Analysis Of Southwest Airlines: The Four Dimensions Of Human Resource Management Practices

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Human resource can be said to be the most valuable asset to any organization. In the present world many industries are moving towards automation and increase in dependency on technological advancements to grow their business. However it was humans that developed these complexed automated systems and it’s the human intelligence that promotes innovation and technology. It is therefore of utmost importance to identify the dimensions of Human resource management practices to gain a competitive advantage.
The four dimensions of human resource management practices are;
1. Managing the human resource environment.
2. Acquiring and preparing human resources.
3. Assessment and development of human resources.
4. Compensating human resources.
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The only way to achieve the highest quality of customer service with warmth and friendliness is to have staff who are able to provide this. The following statement was made by the CEO Gary Kelly which was extracted from the company website. "Our people are our single greatest strength and most enduring long term competitive advantage." It is evident that the management has understood the importance of human resources for the success of the business and in achieving the company’s mission. The crew of Southwest airlines have a reputation of being warm and friendly which proves that the company has successfully allocated resources to enact the strategy the company has…show more content…
Pay structures is an important tool to attract competent employees. Once a job structure is developed, a pay structure can then be established. An organization must ensure that pay packages are competitive when compared to the industry to attract suitable employees. Many banks in Singapore ensures that wages of employees of the same grade are paid at a similar rate as their competitors.
Organizations use tools such as bonuses, incentives, profit sharing and stock options to recognize employee contributions. Employees of Pfizer Singapore are given stock options and this encourages employees to work harder to increase the performance of the organization.
Employee benefits given to employees are insurance, retirement benefits, paid leave and maternity benefits etc. These benefits attract and retain employees in the organization. AIA Singapore has a retirement scheme for it employees. Retired employees are compensated under this plan, similarly other companies have pension plans for their

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