The Four Dimensions Of System Thinking

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Senge (1994) states that “system thinking requires people to understand the system by contemplating the whole, instead of consider just any individual part of the pattern”. Organizations are “bounded by invisible fabrics of interrelated actions, which often take years to fully play out their effects on each other” (Senge, 1994). Because of this, “it is vital that the five disciplines develop as an ensemble” (Senge, 1994). System thinking integrates the other four disciplines, forming a “a coherent body of the theory and practice” (Senge,1994) Senge(1994) states that system thinking keep other disciplines “from being separate gimmicks or the latest organization change fads”. Similarly, system thinking “needs the discipline of building shared vision, mental models, team learning, and personal mastery to realize its potential”. (Senge, 1994). Systems thinking provide “a conceptual framework, a body of knowledge and tools that has been developed ……to make the full patterns clear, and to help us see how to change them effectively” (Senge, 1994)

Four dimension of Learning Activities
Four Dimension of learning activities model by Wei H.C.
The learning activities in an organization introduced by Wei H.C. were divided into four dimensions. The four dimensions include Organization Learning, Organization Leadership, Organization Culture and Organization Structure. (Wei H.C. 2000)
The following few paragraphs provide a brief description of these four dimensions.

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