The Four Economic Challenges Veterans Face

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. It would be one-and-one with one military person and one older mentor. For example, if the military person were interested in becoming a teacher, it could be someone on education. For a military interested in looking into becoming an electrician, it could be a senior electrician or the owner of an electrical repair business. For interest in sports coaching, a successful coach. If interested in food preparation, a current master chef. The program could be named, "Mentors for Military". It could be run out of either the Veterans Administration (VA) or the Pentagon. The US Defense industry, huge supporters of the Pentagon, could be early participants as mentors. Also former military who got out 20 or 30 years ago can be great mentors for those soldiers that are just completing their military service. These mentors would give advice…show more content…
The unemployment rate among our veterans is 6.9 percent compared to the national average of 7.3 percent according to Covert in the article, The Four Economic Challenges Veterans Face. This means that our veterans are clearly having a hard time getting employed after they retired. The military only gives veterans two years of unemployment after they release them back to the civilian life. President Barack Obama signed the "VOW to Hire Heroes Act" in into law in 2011 telling companies that they would receive tax credit if they were to hire a veteran who’s been unemployed for four weeks, and that he was also willing to give even a higher tax break to those companies if that would to hire a veteran who’s been unemployed for six months. As Compton mentioned, ‘This is just one of the initiatives the President has enacted in order to ensure that the country fulfills its obligation to our service members and their families (Compton, 2011).’ Having a job in society is essential for the veterans to set them up to a successful

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