The Four Features And Importance Of Good Academic Writing

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Importance of good academic writing

Good academic writing is important across many fields. Students use academic writing on a daily basis and are their way of communicating. Academic writing does not only get used by students it is also important for career opportunities and enhancing your careers. Essays, reports presentations and emails are a few examples of documents that are written in academic style. Having good academic writing skills also enhances students thinking process and also enables them to convey ideas in a structured format.

• Four features and qualities good academic writing consists of.
Firstly you have to decide on your topic or idea that you want to write about. It is important to stay focused on the topic and to only write on the decided topic. The contents that are written must be relevant to the topic and must keep a natural flow not jumping in between thoughts and ideas. Secondly your writing must be clear and direct and well structured. The markers or readers need to understand the topic or contents of the written document; the readers shouldn’t have to wonder what the topic of the document is about. Thirdly the use of good grammar and language. Using good grammar and language will enhance the easiness and flow of the contents for the readers. Correct spelling is very important, using incorrect spelling will cause the reader to think that you are incompetent and will regard your letter of no importance. Fourthly is to understand and to know who

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