How Four Frames Influence My Personal Leadership Style

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Every leader had their own special blend of perspectives and world views that influence their approach to leadership. A frame is a perspective from which a person views the world and it influences how they interacts with others. There are four frames of reference: structural, human resource, political, and symbolic. These viewpoints are developed overtime achieving a more poised mindset and approach. How does each frame influence my personal leadership style and relate to my work environment?
Structural Frame
A leader in the structural frame is set on order, discipline, deadline and goals. Through the leadership orientation assessment of frames, I scored a 13 for structural. Working in military environments not only is a structural mindset effective but necessary. It is vital to have clear, concise expectations and maintain order, if not it could cost
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Believing that it’s a jungle out there; political leaders want to focus on power and politics to get the job done. The political frame was my lowest scoring in the leader assessment with a total of 9. I use to have the mindset that I didn’t want to “play politics” at work or use that type of leadership style. However, as I move forward in my career I realize that having a political mindset is almost a necessity. I try to see an issue or problem from all sides of the parties involved; not forcing on my personal opinion on others, especially when we need to work together to achieve the desired results. I have begun to tap into this more and it has helped me at work defuse situations that had the potential to become bigger problems. I can get to the root of the problem, seeing past personal emotions of involved parties. I hope to maintain the balance with my human resource frame. I do not want others to think I am “rolling over” to accommodate others or I hate confrontation; I just want to focus on the issues and get the job

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