The Four Freedoms: The American Dream

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In America, everything ranging from the clothes we wear to the hobbies we enjoy, all seem to revolve around money. The American Dream to me, is to be an American citizen, but also make a lot of money. In America, one has the ability to make more money than imaginable, all it takes is a little hard work. The American Dream is still very much accomplishable, but in modern America today, it is much more difficult to achieve than it used to be. To me, the dream is a reality because everybody has the same equal opportunity to achieve the dream. On September 22nd, 1862 Abraham Lincoln drafted a document known as the Emancipation Proclamation, which abolished slavery. Since then, everything has changed, allowing everyone to work and make money. A good example of someone talking about, this is Franklin Roosevelt in his speech “The Four Freedoms”, “The ending of special privileges for the few.” What I believe Roosevelt is saying is, that no matter what race or color everyone should be kept on the same pedestal, no one shall be looked at higher for their skin color. Even with equal rights, the dream is still very grueling. America has changed plenty over the past couple decades, including the rising cost of living, insane national…show more content…
While it is true that the debt one may face can be astounding, but that can be blamed on that the people of today are a lot lazier than the people of the past. Therefore the government has a program called Welfare. Welfare is a system in which they take money from hard working people through taxes, and give it to people who claim they can’t work. What doesn’t make people happy about this, is that the government doesn’t go to see if these people can really work or not. The American Dream is a myth, but only to those who if they go into debt don’t work hard to get out of that debt, and continue to strive for their
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