Henri Fayol's Five Management Functions

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Managers perform certain activities, tasks, or functions as they direct and oversee others’ work. Henri Fayol was an engineer or executive at large French mining company. He was the first person proposed five primary functions of management, that is plan, organize, command, coordinate, and control. Today, these five functions have been condensed to four. Four of these functions is:
3.1 Planning Planning is the basic and the primary management function because before managers start the other management function they need to have planning first. Planning also can define in what, when, and how to do the task in a company. The planning is very important to a company’s success in the future no matter it’s a big company or small. Without planning,
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The first element is product and R&D, which embraces its continuous enhancement of SKYACTIV models as well as development and introduction of GEN2 models. The second one is brand and sales, driving to reform at sales frontline to ensure penetration of sales strategy and improve ownership experience. The third is global production, deploying Monotsukuri innovation globally to accelerate cost improvement and maximizing plant utilization to support sales growth. The last one is strengthen financial structure, establishing strong financial and raising dividend pay-out ratio. Another plan for Mazda is the environmental plan, Mazda Green Plan 2020. This plan is based on “Mazda’s vision of a Future Society and Its Relationship with Vehicles”. There are three main perspectives in this plan, which are themes to be resolved in the future, Mazda’s initiatives, and Consideration of the Entire Vehicle Life…show more content…
From this perspective, Mazda considers the expectation of customers and society toward automakers in protecting the environment. The society stresses the energy and global warming related issues so that automakers would act to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide of vehicle. Moreover, customers also wish to reduce waste from vehicles and promote the resource recycling. Automakers are expected to reduce toxic emissions and turn to cleaner emissions as well as they can develop environmental management throughout the supply chain and the whole
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