The Four Functions Of Human Resource Management

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According to Casico (2006) which has reported that there are four functions of HRIS are related to HR practices direct attention to the organization staff. These functions are people development, communication and integration, documentation and compliance, and human resource analysis. Where there are three additionally remaining which are, (strategic integration, forecasting and planning) and knowledge management) representative the task of human resources in organizations practice universal and strategic management particularly.
• Strategic Integration; human resource information system intend to enhance the organization performance (Troshani et al., 2011). Strategic value can be derived from human resource information system tools that assist decision-making with regard to basic human resource functions (Troshani et al., 2011).
• Human Resource Analysis: The majority of human resource decisions are made based on this functionality. Use this mission, in the organization to determines whether their staff capacity equal or unequal. HR analysis is one of the important functions for collection and identifies HR requirements (Mayfield et al., 2003).
• Personnel Development: this task helps the organizations determine any weaknesses of the workers that have made the proper training and / or decision accordingly growth methods to rise above this shortcoming (Dessler, 2013). Such defects can be examined using the performance, evaluation, and occupation of the individual employee

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