Human Resource Information System: A Case Study

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According to Casico (2006) which has reported that there are four functions of HRIS are related to HR practices direct attention to the organization staff. These functions are people development, communication and integration, documentation and compliance, and human resource analysis. Where there are three additionally remaining which are, (strategic integration, forecasting and planning) and knowledge management) representative the task of human resources in organizations practice universal and strategic management particularly.
• Strategic Integration; human resource information system intend to enhance the organization performance (Troshani et al., 2011). Strategic value can be derived from human resource information system tools that assist
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Human resource information system use to achieve the work in the organizations with less effort of human resources employee’s. The common benefits of human resource information system include improved accuracy, to provide timely and rapid entrée to information and cost savings (Hammond, 1981) human resource information system very important to HR department activities. Moreover, Kovach et al. (2002) listed several management and strategic advantages to be used human resource information system. Similarly, Beckers& bsat (2002) point out the company five reasons for established human resource information system, these are:
• By improving the human resource practice to increase competitiveness.
• Resulting in a greater number and variety of human resource operations.
• The human resource focus from the transaction processing into a strategic human resource management.
• Make the staff part of human resources information system.
• Re-design the entire human resource
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In addition, human resources information system can reduce duplication of work and speed up the work to improve staff productivity manual processes are managed (Horney & Ruddle, 1998).New human resources system provide the infrastructure needed not only to hire, manage, motivate and evaluate people, but also to but assist in longer - term business planning, staff forecasting, facility planning and budgeting (Horney & Ruddle, 1998). The use of HRIS provides the organization with additional benefits. It can improve the efficiency of human resources operations, thereby enhancing profitability. Human resource information system can generate new levels of reports which allow workers to enter new data directly (Bsat & Beckers, 2002). Human resource information system can make human resources staff from data maintenance to human resources strategy use. The reducing the need for time-consuming data processing will provide more opportunities for attention global events. On the other hand, one of the new major in human resource information systems its allow workers to use update personal details with less effort and short time. There are a lots of organization influence their investments in human resource information system by integrating them with other internal system. This is usually achieved through a combination of human resources and payroll functions.

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