Muscular System Research Paper

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The Musculoskeletal System
The Musculoskeletal system is made up of muscle, bones, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, nerves and other connective tissues. The main purpose is to support and stabilise the body. The bones work together with the muscles to allow controlled movement and to keep the body’s shape. The bones of the body provide five main functions they are to produce blood cells (white and red), protect body organs (brain, lungs), provided leverage and movement (so we can sit up), and store lipids and minerals (calcium) and to provide structural support for the body: (A support framework for soft tissue and organs). The main function of the Muscular system is movement. There are two types of muscles Voluntary and involuntary muscles.
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The function is to digest or (break down) food and drink into their smallest parts so they can be used by the cells to provide energy. The digested nutrients are absorbed through the intestinal wall and then delivered throughout the body. The undigested food is then stored in the colon until they are ready to be passed through the anus as faeces. The liver and pancreas produce the digestive juices, this travels through small tubes called ducts in to the intestine. The gall bladder retains the digestive juices until they are…show more content…
Muscles need oxygen and through the circulatory system they are able to get the oxygen that is needed. The blood carries oxygen via the circulatory system to the muscles this gives them the energy and nutrients needed to function. The blood will also take away waste products from the muscles back to the lungs to be filtered. The skeleton works closely with the circulatory system, inside the bones there is a substance called marrow this is where the white and red blood cells are produced. The circulatory system then circulates the red and white blood produced around the body. Without the skeletal system this process would not be able to happen as it’s only the bones that are able to produce the

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