Four Major Influence On The Marketing Philosophies

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Marketing is defined as a philosophy implemented by a set of processes that focuses on the customers’ satisfaction. It has four major activities that revolve around the consumer value. The activities are creating the products and services, communication, delivery, and exchange. Every company strives to implement the marketing concept to achieve its goals. There are mainly four major philosophies that different companies use to steer their marketing strategies. The four philosophies are production, societal, sales and market orientations. Marketing philosophies are a major influence on the marketing strategies. Different philosophies define the company’s mission and primary goal differently (Lamb, 2014). Production orientation focuses on producing quality goods and services at the best price without the consideration of the market demand. It relies on the statement that consumers will favor quality, innovative and performing products. Companies that apply this concept focus on their capabilities based on the experience and the resources available. Sales orientation is based on the idea that goods and services are purchased more when the company promotes its products. It focuses on application of aggressive marketing techniques to achieve consumers’ attention. It is majorly practiced by companies that have profit making as the primary goal…show more content…
A company practicing it aims at meeting the consumer expectations and needs better than its competitors. Companies that practice the concept have a customer focus apply competitor intelligence, and inter-functional coordination. Societal orientation focuses on three aspects. It delivers superior value as it aims at meeting the customers’ needs, the company’s objectives and the human welfare. Societal philosophy has a greater advantage over other philosophies as it creates a long-term relationship (Jayachandran,

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