The Four Negative Side Effects Of Technology In Schools

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How has the use of technology, such as power point presentations and online textbooks, changed education and how does it affect the students? Technology has rapidly increased and has drastically changed our lives. Some people may believe that the rise in technology has positively impacted our lives and some people disagree. The first article, “The 4 Negative Side Effects of Technology” written by Alice Martin on 30th May 2013 states that there are four main negative side effects of implementing technology in schools. The first side effect Martin writes about is “Elevated Exasperation”. Martin (2013) said, “These days, children indulge themselves in internet, games or texting. These activities have affected their psyche negatively, consequently leading to increased frustration. Now they get frustrated…show more content…
This article outlines two main pros and two main cons implementing the use of technology in schools. The first pro is technology being used as a teaching aid. Teachers are using more PowerPoint presentations and other animated software to share the information in an interactive way. Also the use of projectors, screens and speakers allows teachers to teach large group of students at one time. The first con stated in the article is that students find is easier to cheat. Sahkov says (2014), “They can easily search for solutions for any kind of problem the come across in various search engines. Technology has made cheating simpler than ever before, with minimum probability of getting caught. Another pro is that technology makes information more easily accessible. According to Sahkov (2014), “Students can now retrieve all types of information easier and faster than ever before via their personal computers or cell
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