Essay On Four Noble Truths

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The Four Noble Truths is the very central aspect of the Buddhist religion’s belief system. It’s one of the key teachings of the Buddha and it lays out a linking list of truths about life, specifically about the challenges of life. Following up the four truths is the Noble Eightfold Path which will lead you away from suffering and enlighten you on your way to eternal peace. However, before you can learn about and follow the Noble Eightfold Path, first you must understand what the Four Noble Truths are and make a link about these truths in your own life.
The First Noble Truth simply boils down to the fact that to live means that one must suffer. For example, “birth is attended with pain, decay Is painful, disease is painful, death is painful” (Molloy 128). As living beings on Earth, we will grow tired, grow older, experience sickness to varying degrees. However, we will not only experience physical suffering but mentally as well. For example, when you feel
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The Second Noble Truth is that the suffering that you feel on earth all comes from desire. The Buddha noticed that the suffering that all people go through seemed to have one common link the desire or craving to have what we cannot have; much like an addiction or fear of losing what we have. Some desires are more apparent to us such as the desire to have food, sleep, shelter, and sleep while others are much more indirect such as the desire for privacy, friendship, security, and respect. Other desires tend to come from the standards of society such as fashion, alcohol and drugs, entertainment, and high-class foods. Everyone deals with some type of desire in their life and these desires ultimately causes one to suffer.
The Third Noble Truth is that one needs to end desire in order to end the cycle of suffering in their life. This idea
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