The Four Processs Of Motivational Interviewing

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In 2011, the Health service executive released a health promotion strategy framework which commits to improving and promoting the health of the population. This framework is an essential part of the healthcare process as it will empower healthcare professional to deliver holistic patient centred care. Ultimately, the goal of the healthcare professional is to inspire patients to have control over and improve their overall health (The Ottawa Charter, 1986). Nurses play a vital role within this process as they are in a “unique position to not only accommodate change, but to also help patients endure the path to change (Dart, 2010). In order for nurses to help change a patient’s perspective of their lifestyle, they must incorporate the use of motivational interviewing into their practice. According to Miller & Rollnick (2013), motivational interviewing incorporates a patient centred approach as a way of tackling patient’s ambivalence about change. Motivational interviewing includes four processes; engaging, focusing, evoking and planning. However, for this assignment the author of this text will address the key areas of engaging and focusing. These areas will be critically…show more content…
Through effective engagement with the patient it can instil a sense of connection and in turn the patient will actively participate throughout the interview. Effectively engaging is ultimately the foundation for motivational interviewing. In order for patients to feel connected and comfortable, nurses must be open minded, compassionate as well as providing reassurance in order to create relaxed environment for patients to voice both positive and negative feelings in relation to behavioural change (Resnicow, K & Blackburn. D
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