The Four Roles Of The Ancient, Upper And Ancient Egypt

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Egypt is separated into four parts, the first set were the Black land and the Red land. The black land was fertile. Farmers used it for most of their farming. Without the black land people wouldn’t survive or they would die of scarce. There wouldn’t be food, no crops no nothing. People lived along the Nile river for better soil and for better crops to make better food. The red land was the land that protected Egypt from attackers and invaders. The red land was the protector of Egypt. Upper and Lower Egypt are the other two divisions. Upper and Lower Egypt were important to the acient Egyptians too, The pharaoh owned upper and lower Egypt.The pharaoh was called “ King of the two lands”. A pharaoh is powerful, strong, and had to be responsible. One of the pharaohs name were Thutmose III. Thutmose III was a pharaoh who died in 1481 BC and died in 1425 BC. He had lots of successful accomplishments. A Egyptian ruler valued family very much. People who weren’t blessed with children would pray to their gods. The husband would have servants taking care of their children. The children would wear special clothing to protect them from the heat. The Egyptians ate mostly fish because they were close to the Nile river. They traded fish, gold and other valuables. Trading was important because they wouldn’t get food or special valuables. The Nile river was the source of everyday life of Egypt. The Egyptians needed the Nile. For their food, water and

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