The Four Skills In English

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The four skills in English; listening, speaking, reading and writing, are all important parts and what we need, to understand the English language and being able to communicate in it. But how could you work with these skills in the classroom to make the best out of them? What could be important to think about? The four skills do not necessarily have to be worked with each at separate times, you could combine them and do different projects which involve more than one. The schools today often work after a communicative approach which says that all the four skills should be integrated in each other and worked with together (Celce-Murcia, 2001, p.8).

Listening is the first skill to start with when teaching English, together with speaking
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The teacher can start by introducing easier reading such as songs, games and other familiar subjects the children know of (Keaveney & Lundberg, 2014, p.86, 94). Can also be done by reading books on different levels. As Keaveney and Lundberg (2014, p.87) suggest the teacher can read a famous story and the children can follow in their own book or paper and are encouraged to read with the teacher as a dialogue whenever they feel ready which will make them more active when reading. Hadaway (2002, p.197) suggests that reading poetry could be good since many poems are short and amusing and short poems can feel less heavy than long texts. One advantage when teaching reading in a second language is that the learners most likely already know how to read in their first language and they probably have some strategies for it which help when learning to read in a new language (Pinter, 2006, p.68). During the field study day some of the students mentioned that they read English books but it was hard since they did not know all of the words and could have a hard time understanding some bits. As a teacher it could therefore be important to make sure that the students read books on their level, so they do not lose their interest. Also make the students aware of the ability to understand content from the context and not stop at every single word they do not understand.…show more content…
The teacher should talk about things that are familiar to the students so it could be easier to understand and follow. That came up during the interview with the students, they enjoyed speaking English to each other about daily things. The students also said the main motivation for them was the knowledge that English is very useful in their everyday life and in their future. Learning through dramatizing and role play is a way the communicative approach advocates (Celce-Murcia, 2001, p.8). For example the teacher can let the students do a short dramatizing of a famous story they are familiar with, for example Red Riding Hood (J. Bylund, personal communication, 23rd of February 2017). The students will work with all the skills and with

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