The Four Stages In Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

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In the Allegory of the Cave, Plato uses a conversation between his former teacher and an unknown person named Glaucon to lay out this deep and complex extended metaphor. This intricate metaphor is a step by step representation of how one could achieve true comprehension of the world around them. In this, there are four stages one must complete. The first stage is when the people are shackled in the cave, and he/she is required to use imagination to come to conclusions about the realities of life. When the ex-captives break away from the manacles and see the light from inside the cave is known as the second phase, and this is where one tries to define instead of imagine. The third part of the cognitive journey is when the freed people come…show more content…
Well, college is one of the top places that comes to my mind at least. College is where many can enhance various intellectual capabilities and help many a person achieve a higher standard of cognitive thinking, and I sincerely hope that I am one of them. If one was to look into my cerebral cortex’s process of critical thinking, he or she might find a few areas lacking that I direly need and want to improve. The first place the person might say I need improvement on is the ability to look at a viewpoint that is not necessarily my own to try to understand it from all directions. Most times, when someone vehemently disagrees with my opinion, I easily write the person off and just take my view as the better interpretation, but yet the saying, two heads are better than one, comes into play. That person might have had more experiences than me on such matters and have been through more situations pertaining to the topic that would allow them to have a better reasoning than I do. Sometimes, it is hard for me not to be biased on my own opinions from my experiences, and hopefully I can look at a viewpoint from not just my angle but through other people’s eyes to come to a better and more intellectually desired
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