The Four Stages Of Attachment

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The process of attachment starts very early in life. It is an intense emotional connection between the infant and their caregiver who, most of the time, is the mother. It is a bond that ties them together and helps the baby experience pleasure, joy, safety, and comfort. The Attachment theory shows that a primary caregiver is necessary for the growth of the infant. The primary caregiver influences the infant and helps their development, such as being able to figure out how to deal with certain situations, develop relationships, and being able to understand themselves. The four different stages of attachment are Asocial, Indiscriminate, Specific and Multiple. The first stage is Asocial attachment, it happens between the ages of zero to six weeks old. Infants are normally very friendly, when you see a baby and…show more content…
The baby becomes more and more independent and creates many different attachments to different people. People who have responded to their needs, the infant’s signals etc. Those people are most likely their mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings and neighbors. The key to a healthy relationship between the mother and her infant is to make sure that she responds to everyone of the infant 's needs so that the baby can trust her. Adults that value their relationship with their own parents will then use the sensitive caregiving techniques that helps secure attachments with their own infants. Some ways that adults can help children develop a secure attachment is to be their for them when they need you. Enjoy the time that you spend with your infant, one big thing is that to take care of yourself as well. Some steps that a parent should look out for is to make sure the mother gets a lot of rest, eats healthy and relax.I feel that getting all the help you can get will ensure your happiness and help you make sure the baby will develop a secure
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