The Four-Story Mistake Analysis

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The setting of The Four-Story Mistake is the countryside of New York State during World War II. The Melendys used to live in a brownstone in New York City, until they moved. The children were very upset about moving. They loved their brownstone. The most upset was Randy. She thought that she was going to hate their new house, but she loved it.
The house is very old. It was built in the late 1800s. The man who wanted it to be built wanted to it be four stories. He went on vacation, and when he returned, the builders had made a mistake and the house was only three stories. The owner of the house built a little cupola on top to make it partially four stories. The house was then called The Four-Story Mistake. When the Melendy family (Oliver, Randy,
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They can now have adventures in the woods, because in the city they didn’t have many adventures. The woods around the house allow them to have adventures.
One of these adventures happens when Randy falls while ice skating on the brook. Rush, Mona and she are ice skating on the frozen brook. They see a light and Rush and Randy go to see what it is. While they see what it is, Randy slips and sprains her ankle. Rush goes into the house and gets help. He uses the phone in the house and calls Father. Father arrives and they get Randy home safely.
Another adventure takes place in the woods near the house when Rush comes home from school early because he has a sore throat. Cuffy, the housekeeper, leaves to pick up the other children from school. While she is gone Rush climbs out the window into the tree house. When the others arrive back, they do not know where Rush is. A storm comes in and Rush is stuck in the tree house in the storm.
The adventures of the Melendy family can only happen in the country. If they stayed in the city, they could not have adventures in a tree house or on a
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