The Four Symphonies By Johannes Brahm

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Brahms Symphony No.1 is one among the four symphonies by Johannes Brahm, a German composer and pianist of the Romantic period mastered in symphonic and sonata style. Greatly inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven’s symphony, often called as “Beethoven’s Tenth”, Brahm has managed to blend traditional structures and ideals of classical era with the rising beauty of Romantic era music in this symphony. It uses instruments like flute, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, contrabassoon, horns, trumpets, trombone, timpani and violin. It consists of four movements: Allegro (quick), Andante Sostenuto (walking pace), Un poco Allegretto e grazioso (a little quickly, carefully) and Adagio.
As I tuned into Brahm’s symphony, I made sense of that this piece included evolving
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