The Four Themes Of Entrepreneurship

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Individual work After finishing reading the articles, it has to say that it is difficult for me to understand the contents exactly because there are various theories that I never knew before. The four themes, which are entrepreneurship, entrepreneur, identifying business opportunities, entrepreneurial process, are closely related. Different scholars hold distinctive viewpoints of the four terms from the respective angle. I will give my opinion in each theme and then make a conclusion. Theme 1: entrepreneurship Davidsson, P researched the definition of entrepreneurship in two relatively distinct social realities. One is the phenomenon that some people become self-employed or team owner-manager of an…show more content…
For example, risk taking, achievement motivation, locus of control etc. are used to describe the entrepreneurs. However, if someone has this trait, we can’t simply regard him as an entrepreneur. So I think this is why it is not successful for researchers to grant an exact definition. Gartner, W. believes that the entrepreneur is part of the complex process of new venture creation and research entrepreneur should focus on what they does. Entrepreneurs often proceed with a very different order of questions compared with administrators. Therefore, someone who discovers and identifies the opportunities is not necessarily an entrepreneur. It is very important to capitalize the opportunities. So entrepreneurs are identified by a set of behaviors which connect them with organization creation. Also an entrepreneur is principally by innovative behavior and will employ strategic management practices in the business. Theme 3: identifying business…show more content…
If an entrepreneur keeps on asking himself tough questions where I want to go and where the track I am, it will come true sooner or later. Bhide, A. considers that it’s easy to knock off an innovation product, but an innovative business system is harder to replicate. I think the opinion above is useful for various kinds of corporations. Entrepreneurs should make sustainable strategy in order to sever the enterprise over the long term. Apple Company is a successful example. It is known that there are many innovative products in Apple Company, for instance, iphone, ipad, ipod, etc. Many followers imitate the products and also can survive in a short time. However, each company can’t replicate the innovative business system of Apple Company. It establishes unique business system to form the advantage of the competition. Also Apple has the capability to produce a continuing stream of product innovation. Apple Company as a large corporation, it is difficult to explore the unknown to some extent. However, it never stops to slow the pace with the innovation. It is not difficult to figure out the huge success the company achieves. Entrepreneurial process is very important for entrepreneurship. During the entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurs are asked to answer questions about opportunities, strategies, goals and role. To set the right pace, entrepreneurs must consider many factors, such as economics of
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