The Fourth World In Arundhati Roy's The God Of Small Things

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The world is a cluster of contradictions. If anything exists, that exists in contradictions, and so the ‘Fourth World’ is not an exception for it. If a born dalit, caters to the needs of oppressors at the cost of the interests of his class, and mints money, that person can no longer be a dalit. Similarly, even if anyone - though born in any upper caste or oppressive class - is neglected and evicted by his or her own class and by the main stream of society, having been deprived of human rights, that person will unhesitatingly be an underdog, and so a dalit. The social and economic positions of various sections of people are not fixed and stagnant. They always undergo change because everything exists in motion which causes change. That is the reason why, the social positions of the ruling classes and the ruled have been subjected to evolutionary changes. For instance the then ruling class people have became the ruled and vice versa, and so today’s fourth world will, perhaps, evolve into a significant social force which could help abolish all kinds of evil discriminations!…show more content…
If dalits are deprived of basic amenities, health, education, right to possess property, social security, moreover identity, Ammu, who was born in a Syrian Christian petty - bourgeois family is also deprived of the same in the caste – stricken class society in India. At several instances, Ammu appears a

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