The Fowl Fleet Analysis

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Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet
Despite being twenty six years old at the time of writing, The Secret of Monkey Island is still one of the best titles in the point & click adventure genre. It has obviously been since surpassed in terms of visuals and audio, but the brilliant humor and clever puzzles still cements its position as a true classic. It also means that you have to be pretty brave as a developer to release a pirate themed point & click adventure. Undeterred, comedian Alasdair Beckett-King has forged ahead and created Nelly Cootalot, a swashbuckling pirate themed adventure with undeniable Monkey Island influences. However, despite sharing some similarities with the Lucasarts classic, The Fowl Fleet is not just a pale imitation, but a great adventure in its own right.
The Fowl Fleet opens with Nelly finding out that the villainous Baron Widebeard has hypnotized an army of bird for his own nefarious purposes. Standing between Widebeard and a
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Even Nelly herself sounds great and it is hard not to be charmed by her determined, but slightly dimwitted nature. It’s also hard not to chuckle at characters with names like Gusty Nethers and Commodore LXIV to name just two. The dry, quirky sense of humor in the game is very British and will leave you laughing out loud and groaning in equal measures. Not all the jokes and puns will leave you in stitches, but the game is definitely humorous enough considering its family friendly nature. In addition to the English voice acting the game also features full German voice acting, which is a nice surprise. There’s not much to say about the soundtrack as it is nice and mellow, but never becomes repetitive or obtrusive. Catchy songs are nice, but not when you are stuck on a puzzle and forced to listen to them over and over, so we appreciate the soothing tunes in The Fowl

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