The Freak By Kamala Das Analysis

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A feminist reading of the poem “The Freaks”
The Freaks by Kamala Das is a good example of a feminist reading. Kamala Das is well known feminist Indian writer. Her writings can be a medium to convey the true men and women relationship that is unseen but secretly experienced by most of the married people. Her poem is also a medium to express how women were controlled by the social norms and the women’s lack of individuality. According to Dr. Yousef (Faculty Member, Azad University), Kamala is the first woman to openly talk about Women 's social unrest in respect of education and career, sexual desire and frustration, suffocation of a loveless marriage. Therefore, this essay argues on how the poet used a feminist point of view in the poem “The Freaks”.
This poem raises the voice of not only the poet, but also the unheard
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Where the poet accepts herself as a freak and described herself having a flamboyant lust. In actual meaning freak is referred to as extremely unusual or unlikely or abnormal, where as in this poem freaks refer to the poet and the women especially the Indian women. The women who go against social norms and the women with brain is considered as a freak as an abnormal person. The poet wanted something more, beyond societal views, mental capability and being able to be appreciated and cherished from her husband but she can’t and those wants of her is considered as abnormal by the society. Therefore, the poet accepts herself as a freak, this shows her strong opponent against the society. She accepts it not because she agrees but to save her face from humiliation and to fit in a patriarchal society. Although there is no desire to her husband she save her face or pretends to be someone who she is not in reality. This shows how all women have to accept themselves as freaks and safe their original face or character and pretend who they are not in order to save themselves from the man

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