The Free Will Of John Milton's Paradise Lost

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The Free Will of Paradise Lost John Milton’s epic, Paradise Lost in the process of exposing and justifying “the ways of God to men”, allows its readers a get insight into the debates and concerns of 17th century England. Milton demonstrated, “Their freedom, they themselves ordain’d their fall. The first sort by their own suggestion fell. Self-tempted, self-deprav’d: Man falls deceiv’d By the other first: Man therefore shall find grace, The other none: in Mercy and Justice both, through Heaven and Earth,..” (John Milton, Book II 131- 132) Milton clearly shows this concept of acting freely under God. He shows the reader that only with the freedom to choose do a person 's actions become meaningful and sincere. This idea also helps Milton to explain the importance of "the fall" and God 's ultimate plan. Throughout the book, free will is demonstrated not only by Adam and Eve, but also Satan and the other fallen angels, as well as God 's Son. Each character 's destiny further explains why freedom is so important in showing arminianism. However the most angry argument of Milton 's concern, would have been the Puritan rejection of the power of the king and the church and the changing of man 's relationship with God personally and individually. Puritanism tried to free Christianity of the slavery interpretation and the monopoly of the Church over explaining the free will man in the usage of the bible. Therefore, Milton’s view is overpowered by Arminianism which conveys to the
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