Limits Of Freedom Essay

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In the First Amendment of the Constitution is the principal article in the Bill of Rights, it restricts Congress from meddling with the freedom of religion, speech and press, and assembly and petition. The First Amendment should have limits to how far the freedom is taken. Freedom of religion has became a issue in the world today, we see in today’s society's how our views have changed on certain religions. Freedom of speech and press gives everyone the right to say what they want as long as it doesn’t cause individuals to feel uncomfortable because of invasion in their privacy. Freedom of assembly and petition gives every individual the privilege to be anywhere at any time as long as it doesn’t cause violence on public property. All people have the right to practice the freedom but it shouldn’t lead to more problems. Freedom of religion is a major issue in our country today that has became a threat. Two clauses under freedom of religion, “establishment” and “free exercise” isn’t under the freedom until Thomas Jefferson was a president. Some court cases that address the freedom of religion had to deal with…show more content…
Freedom of assembly has to be balanced with other people’s right if it causes problem in public order. When people think freedom of assembly, it’s always have to do with people protesting which causes violence. But they plea that’s peaceful protest when it’s not. People should have freedom to roam where they please and go wherever they’d like, just not when it involves violence on public property. “Although the government can't stop you from joining with a group of others to make your views known, you must do it in a peaceful manner” (The Right To Gather Has Some Restrictions). Every individual has the right to express their feelings and views, however, it shouldn’t irritate others in general peace or encroach on any other person’s right in the
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