The Freedom Ride Speech

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Danny Chan
English 2
November 3, 2014

During the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, there was an extremely important event called the Freedom Rides. This event was extremely important because this action openly defied the Jim Crow Laws in the south. In the south, racism was a norm and almost everyone discriminated against the blacks. The Freedom Riders set out to change that and they have made a mark on history by defying the South’s strict rules. A man that has made a mark as deep as the freedom riders did was Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. King was often regarded as one of the most prominent figures and also the face in the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King advocated against discrimination and he gave various speeches all over the nation about the moral crime of racism. One important speech that Dr. King has given, but is often forgotten, is the one when he spoke at Jonathan Dayton Regional High School. With the help of Rabbi Dresner, Dr. King was able to speak at Jonathan Dayton High School, despite the large and open resistance from the community. The Freedom Riders were “thirteen riders boarded two buses for a journey that began in Washington D.C., and was scheduled to end in New Orleans, Louisiana” (ABC- CLIO Para. 4). The Freedom Rides were "a landmark event in the civil rights movement, the 1961 Freedom Rides were a series of organized interstate bus rides meant to directly confront discriminatory Jim Crow laws found in the southern states" (ABC-CLIO Para. 1). There
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