The French Cuisine: The History Of The French Food

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The history of “The French cuisine”

When many of us think of the French cuisine we think of expensive restaurant and French fries may come to mind, however what we don’t know is that the French cuisine is very different than our own. It has its own rich history that evolved overtime, from the middle -ages to the present day the French cuisine is constantly changing. The French cuisine in the middle ages, is very similar to the Moorish Cuisine, the food was served in an elegant style called En confusion, which is where all meals are served at once. The meals were consisted of spiced meats such as, pork, beef, poultry and fish. In many cases, the meals served were always determined by the season they were in, while meats were always salted and smoked to preserve. Vegetables were always salted and put to jars to preserve for winter. The meals always looked colorful (saffron, egg yolk, sunflower) and lavish displays. There best dish was, roast swan; sewn into its skin and feathers. You can say that the French cuisine back in the middle-ages was delightful. However, as we get into the 15th and 16th century, the cuisine in France slightly changes and takes a different path. As it is influenced by the great culinary arts in Italy, when Catherine De Medicis, part of the influence, as she married Henry dic d’Orleans who became king Henry II of France. She brought along her Italian chefs introducing Italian culinary to the people of France. Even though both countries take

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