American Revolution: The Industrial Revolution

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The American Revolution Revolutions are usually when a group of people come together and change something in the society. For example, the Industrial Revolution had a big impact in our modern lives. However revolution also means a full 360’ turn. Which leads to back where you started. Although usually during the revolution you go pass lots of different things, however in the end it leads you back to where you started. An example of this would be the French Revolution, where some people would say it was an important revolution that had a big impact. In simpler terms the revolution changed a Bourbon for a Bonaparte for the monarch. The American Revolution was a little bit of both. Many people who studied the American Revolution would say that…show more content…
They argue that tax being enforced without representations violated their rights as Englishmen. Yet when the British parliament offered them to have representation, the colonists rejected the idea, due to the distance involved. Then in July 1765, the parliament was thinking whether they should enforce the stamp act more heavily or to repeal it. However, Benjamin Franklin said that the colonists have invested a lot in manpower, and if they enforce the stamp act, they will retaliate. In 1767, they passed the Townshend Act, which placed taxes on paper, glass and tea. Because of this, the colonists got angered and planned to boycott English goods, while this was happening, riots began in Boston, and people threw snowballs, rocks, and other debris to the soldiers, leading it to a soldier firing at the crowd, which killed 5 people, and this was later known as the Boston Massacre, although in today’s society, death of 5 people would hardly make it to the news. This led to the downward relationship between the English and…show more content…
While this was happening, the 2nd Continental Congress was held. In another attempt to have peace between the Parliament and the states, however the king rejected the petition once again and said the states were in rebellion. During the congress, George Washington was chose to lead the Continental army to fight the British. They were quite successful, and the British had only narrow victories. During this, colonists began to encourage the idea of fully independent, rather than being ruled under the English law. Then a year later, all the congressmen voted to declare their independence. Thomas Jefferson was the one who drafted the Declaration of Independence in July 1776. Finally In conclusion, the American Revolution did have an impact, and it did change, It changed the views of democracy, and left us legacies such as elected governors, bill of right, and the declaration of human rights, which gave people a little bit of social equality. Yet the man who wrote the Declaration of Human Rights, owned slaves, and he said, “ All men are born equal.” Which is quite contradictory. But nevertheless, It had a huge impact on the American history, and left
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